Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dreams are free, might as well dream big. And they better be realistic.

I often heard that in order to turn one's wish into reality, writing it down (the least) or shouting it out loud for the rest of the world to go deaf (the most) will add to the pressure of wanting it. To the extent, the want becomes a need.

As you can see, on the left part (just below my profile), I have listed in no particular order the wishes that I want to make real in the future. There are no deadlines because writing them is enough pressure to me, let alone putting a target date for accomplishment of every wish.

1.) EU trip! (with exclamation mark for effect). I had thought of it way back then but never really considered it as a possibility. When Fe (a former officemate and friend) went backpacking alone for an EU trip last December, the thought of doing the same sank in after seeing her beautiful pictures. No doubt , I got
-->jealous inspired. Other than that, I have always wanted to see the other side of the world. It's like I don't want to settle for what I see in travel books; I want to see them for real.
Skipping no. 2

3.) A huge shelf full of my favorite books. In progress. Though no huge shelf on sight yet.

4.) Get rid of my braces. I have been wearing them since August 2005. Though getting rid of them is still subject to my dentist's perusal. The gap, which prompted me to have them in the first place, is no longer visible. Other than that, I have to thank them (braces) for doing great wonders to my teeth and smile. lol.

5.) Write good poetry. I have a few compositions. But I feel that I have yet to compose a masterpiece. lol.

6.) New project -U! It's work-related and highly confidential, so I'm not divulging any details. And yes, I soooo want it to commence. Hopefully, beginning March.

7.) Release of my renewed passport. I couldn't count the times I vent my frustrations about it. I even wrote some here, here and here.

8.) Visit T in KR. This is ONLY possible once no.7 takes into effect.

9.) Watch PBA with T (he loves it, I'm tagging along). For those who are not aware what PBA is, well it's Philippines' counterpart of NBA. In return, he has to watch a Mariah Carey concert with me. He knows I'm one of her lambs, so he's left with no choice but to tag along...only if such concert is scheduled to take place near us.

10.) Visit Angkor Wat. It's all about the architecture, the rich history behind those walls.


The Demigoddess said...

Why won't T tag along with you on a Mariah Carey concert? She's too hot to pass up! I agree with number 1. I read a book about the power of "suggestion". Believe you can do it and you really can make it happen.

Good luck on your list!

amor said...

haha, thanks Angel! I think T will watch an MC concert with me because I won't take no for an answer. lol.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

wow, you've been wearing braces for some time now. they're not that bad though. i used to wear em too. now i wear retainers. i've been wearing them since forever.
here's a quote i wanted to share with you on dreams and ambition:
"When your ambition is higher than the mountains and your commitment deeper than the sea, surely your future will be brighter than the sun."

Cheryl said...

Ugh I have to wear braces. I have the most obnoxious overbite

I hope your orthodontist lets you take them off soon!

anne said...

Try I used them on my trips to Europe. The prices are very reasonable.

amor said...

@Chinkymel, technically it's been stuck to my teeth for, more or less, 41 mos. now. lol. By the way, thanks for the quote.

@Cheryl, you should try. The earlier you wear them, the better.

@anne, thanks for the link. I'll be checking on it.