Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I just told my husband that Marc Jacobs is MORE than being Madonna's stylist for the latest LV ad. With that, he gave me a shrug.

A few minutes before the "bell rang" (Yes, it's common here. Most Japanese companies have alarming sounds to cue start and end of working hours), I received an email from a former Korean officemate.

He's now in S. Korea (working for our branch there, so technically he's still an officemate), and having told him before (during the infamous farewell party) that my husband works there for another competing company fueled his curiousity. I never thought, after more than 15 days since that 'farewell party' conversation, he would still remember it.

Until something crossed my mind. I remember him saying that my husband's current employer company is one of the most prestigious there, if not in the world. He mentioned how his colleagues find it hard to join the company due to strict and high requirements. Little did he know that my husband has been working for this type of companies for almost 8 years now; that his experience alone is enough to get him in.

And about the email..

First one, sent to four people including me, was a notice of safe arrival (his arrival 15 days ago); It took him that long because he went for a vacayyyy.

The second email was sent only to me. He said he wants to meet my husband. The intention sounds sincere, even insisting on putting my husband's office email in CC -- to which I did. After sending my reply that began with the ever cliche 'How are you?', he replied. This time, directly to my husband's address. Like any friendly stranger, he gave a brief introduction about himself and how he came to know me, and invited my husband for dinner somewhere Seoul.

Not really sure if T agrees but I told him (over Skype) to give it a chance. I convinced further that Korean boy is quite funny, young (like 2 yrs older than us), easy to talk with, and the last time I had a conversation with him was not at all boring.

If they do meet up, I sense awkwardness until soju starts kicking in.


The Demigoddess said...

Boys will have soo many things to talk about. Just wait until they get all buzzy from the booze and you can't get them to stop talking.

Cheryl said...

Let's hope there's a LOT of soju.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Hi, thanks for stopping and commenting on my post. You can see Sumo at 両国 (Ryougoku), you change at akihabara.. no sure what line to catch after. I watched a tournament.. usually it's seasonal. But yeah, Sumo is usually watched at 両国。

amor said...

@Angel, yah..i'm expecting that.

@Cheryl, they love it!

@NicNIc, Thanks for the info. Lucky for me, Sobu line (w/c I normally ride whenever I go Shinjuku) stops by Ryougoku stn..I hope to drop by there this summer.