Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do me a favor, press fastforward and play Spring.

My limited culinary skills, and the good weather convinced me to go out, and grab some lunch. I made pretty sure that I be heading for someplace that would not take me fifteen years to get a table. And what better place that be --- at some coffee shop.
As I was approaching Morisia (a mall), there's this small truck parked in front of it with words at the back "Eartquake Experience Vehicle". It's a government sponsored program to allow individuals 'experience' all intensities possible, perhaps. The vehicle is not completely closed, left side fully open; thus, allowing the public to see its interior -- a four-chair dining area. Most volunteers were kids with their mothers, and from the looks on the kids' faces, they had a blast that watching them made me want to try it as well.

I immediately dismissed the thought, and went inside the mall before I gave in to temptation.

Since it was already an hour past lunch, I went to Tully's coffee. Scanning the room for vacant seats, I found them all taken. Across it is McDonald's with a long queue that go beyond its entrance, and instead of joining McD lovers, I decided to saunter around the mall for I was not really that hungry. There, I found out that clearance sales are still on-going, and surprisingly, nothing piqued my interest.

While wandering around, and feeling the weight of my two bags (the other being my camera), I remembered that I was supposed to take pictures of one 'special' tree located near Morisia. That tree was definitely not hard too miss because it looks all pink! Being the only tree that is sprouting with unexpected loads of cherry blossoms made it sooo special, and to think it's still February. (Cherry blossoms or Sakura normally spring to life around late March).
It took me just a few minutes to reach there and have my mission accomplished. After taking a crapload of pictures, I went back inside the mall, and straight to Tully's. Finally, luck was on my side for I found just the right table --- near the window, making it conducive for my reading.

Hours went by, my hot mocha finally went cold, and hotdog sandwich no longer in sight. I still went on with my reading inspite of the many customers pouring inside Tully's. Some customers left the minute they saw that all tables were taken (except for the Smoking area), and still I pretended to be so engrossed. Until the presence of an old lady prompted me to give up my seat.

Minutes before I gave up my precious space, old lady approached the girl sitting next to my table. So they end up about to share table. Feeling guilty and fearing for this branch of Tully's to close business because of my selfishness, I stood up, gathered my tray and offered my table to old lady.

And since it was too early to go back home, I went to another coffee shop -- at Starbucks; and immersed myself (again) to Holden Caulfield's world.


Cheryl said...

Ah I love reading with coffee. There's nothing better

Casey McGill said...

SO pretty. I can't wait to get to Japan. And eat yummy udon!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Gosh, I'd love to visit Japan one day. I love their cherry blossoms. They look so beautiful.

amor said...

@cheryl, I couldn't agree more.

@casey, Always, I prefer my ramen with udon. Love it!

@Chinkygirlmel, yup. Just one of the best things here -- Cherry blossoms, lol. Though their life span is quite fleeting -- less than a week, I think.