My name is Amor. Born and bred in Cebu (Philippines) and currently overseas.

The birth of this blog came out of boredom. I availed of this free space on a rainy Sunday afternoon of May 2007, in Room 422 at an apartment in Tokyo. From then on, I started documenting practically almost anything; from shallow things of interest to my personal drama growth.

Why 'Lucid Intervals'?

I came across that term in Law 111 subject: Obligations & Contracts. In Law, it is the period of clarity of an insane person making that person capable of using reason and intelligence; so a contract entered into during this period is voidable -- but the burden of proof will be quite a challenge. I'm digressing now. It perfectly describes my relationship with this so-called virtual diary. I neither post daily nor weekly. I post whenever I feel like writing (which is not often). Mostly putting whatever moment or thoughts into words but lately, since becoming a mother, more about my daughter Amber.

Enjoy reading my random moments of clarity and anything.

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