Sunday, May 06, 2018

11 years and counting

So three days from today, I will be actually enjoying the rest of Summer. Not that April was a bore, it was actually memorable. It is just that my days will be less contrived, predictable but rather spent more on personal things. In a nutshell, I am leaving the workforce temporarily.

Before I embark on another journey towards career, I have long decided to take a break and spend more time with Amber. I will probably be unable to spend longer time with her when school starts so the best I can give her now is my quality time. In addition to that, I will be able to do the things I have been wanting to do. I know a month sounds too ambitious to do all these things but I know for sure, it's not impossible.

For the remaining days of Summer and before Amber starts school, I will dedicate my time to:

1) Spending quality time with Amber. It could be malling, watching cartoons with her all day or simply cooking or getting her fed.

2) Painting. Go buy that medium size canvas and create a masterpiece!

3) Finish reading that Neil Gaiman book. I haven't read a book from him but I did hear a lot of good reviews of him.

4) Watch movies.

Without the worry work, I will have the time at my disposal - temporarily.

By the way, I have been blogging for eleven years now. I know this blog is not a superstar (not that I want it to be), it is just nice knowing that Amber will have something to read about me and her and all things trivial surrounding us in the future. Some are cringeworthy but who gets exemption from that phase anyway. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Before its temporary closure as mandated by the government to fix its sewerage problems and environmental issues, we were able to visit the place on my birth week. In January, we decided to book a flight to Boracay (thanks partly to Mabuhay mileage redemption) before the whole closure issue came to light. We were lucky enough that it didn't happen sooner or on the day of our scheduled trip.

The last time I set foot on its white sands was in 2007, more than a decade ago. I even made two lengthy posts to document the whole trip which were cringeworthy but hey, we all go through that phase. Feel free to click here and here

Before, T and I did every tourist must do (i.e. snorkeling, island-hopping and boart riding). This time, having been there and done those, we just decided to chill, take all interesting sights in and let Amber have a blast.

(Top L-R)

Boracay Island as seen from above. It was my first time to see from this perspective. Although we flew by plane last time, it seems the route was different because that was via Cebu - Kalibo. This time it's to Caticlan wherein the travel time is shorter. It was actually Amber who pointed out the beautiful view. Ever since Amber travelled with us, we always let her take the window seat and she seems to enjoy and even point out landscapes and seascapes coupled with questions which I try my hardest to answer.

Amber playing by the waves.

While waiting for the sunset.

(Middle L-R)

It cannot be denied that Boracay has one of the best views of sunset. Having been to several beaches in the Philippines, so far they pale in comparison to Boracay. And although it may be too soon to say that, I will freely correct myself in the future.

The selfie, of course.

The Tides, the hotel we checked in, was kind enough to give toys for Amber.

(Bottom L-R)

My neverending love for sunsets. Every thing falls right in perspective every time I look at sunsets or nature for that matter. It somehow reminds me to just chill and enjoy life, others are immaterial in the end.

Starbucks Boracay. The place is just love. I hate to admit that I am one of those who love the coffee chain and I am not ashamed. 

Still, it's all about her. Amber and my birthday are just four days apart. All this was for her to enjoy. I know at some point in her life that she will probably just remember a few bits from this trip or entirely forget about it but I will always remember this. We will definitely come back and I have to admit, the older she got, the more I am excited to see how far our wandering feet will take us. Happy Birthday to us, my love.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Q1 of 2018

(Top L-R) 

First saturday of January was spent at USJ-R (University of San Jose-Recoletos) to impart knowledge about my work. I and a friend gave an overview of Purchasing in EPC setting to Engineering graduating students. It was a first for me and I had a great time.

First book of the year was 'Origin' by Dan Brown. It took me less than a month to read considering I get the chance to read only at weekends due to work. As always, the protagonist is Robert Langdon solving cases conflicting science and religion. In my opinion, it ranks next to 'Angels and Demons' in terms of great plot and setting. Aside from religion, there's a lot of things to learn in that book in terms of Art and History.

Ashley came to Cebu for a short vacation. It was probably the longest I have spent time with siblings since Amber's birth.

(Middle L-R)

A book involving Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander became my second book of the year. Actually, as of this writing, I am still halfway to its last page.

Bacolod. The first family trip of the year.

Back with colour-pencil drawing. It was supposed to be a sketch of Scarlett Johansson but knowing my tendency to deviate, that became the outcome. I love the details but the way I cut it into a bust was a little off. I could have just faded the colors or made a vignette around the neck area.

(Bottom L-R)

Robert Downey Jr. version 2.0. Finally, a sketch that looks a little like him. My first work of him as subject was not good.

Amber's Kinder 2 graduation ceremony. They were required to wear clothes in relation to their career of choice. Amber wanted to be an Engineer, just like his dad. It was not a surprise that she was the only girl Engineer in her batch.

Her official Graduation photo. She is looking prettier and getting smarter every day.