Wednesday, April 12, 2017

birthday post for 2017

The older I get, the more it feels that everything is moving too fast. I thought it was only me who felt it until a friend told me that she feels the same.

Well, I should be happy having reached this far. As they say, getting old is a privilege denied to some.  Let's see how privilege I am. 
Spring 2017
I am thankful for the blessings, the small family I have, Amber, T and few friends. Life has been nice to me even though most of the time I don't reciprocate. In fact, I really should take into practice about not complaining anymore (although I no longer complain as much), specifically the trivial stuff. Note to self: The life that I enjoy is not something that most people in the world get to experience. 

I may lead a life frowned upon by some but over the years of this practice, it has become a standard partly due to longevity that I no longer give an eff. But of course, I long to be in the place where everything and every person I love are in one place. Someday, someday. 

For myself, I wish for more books to read, more artworks and a better couch in the living room (still looking for that perfect grey couch that will support the comforts of thyself while enjoying movie marathons), and a Swiss made watch. The last one I know can be very personal and shallow but it is my birthday and am free to splurge for having reached this milestone.

On the other hand, I should stop accummulating unnecesaary knick knacks! I hate that I easily fall for cute things, especially if beautitfully and intricately crafted. 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Happy place

For the most part of Winter, I spent most of my free time doing art at this spot of my tiny living room where it has slowly transformed as my happy space. The perfect definition of hermit was achieved by me (again) over winter while I happily pursued my longtime wish of painting. 

As much as I wanted to jumpstart with oil painting, I had to rethink and best decided to just finish my gouache acrylic tubes and be good with details until those tubes go empty and I have mastered my strokes. 

I started with a vision for the first painting on canvas. We all know canvas is expensive and to start random painting with no subject in mind can be frustrating and end up to waste. 

In January, I made up my usual list of goals for the year and it did include a specific subject of the painting I wanted to do. It was a lion or a female face. The former prevailed. 

There (inset photo), at the left, is my first painting on canvas. From then on, I succeeded it with animal profiles. Lion was made in January, wolf in February and the Cat in March. For April, I have not painted any for the lack of time and canvas. In between, I managed to do some sketching, hoping to master drawing faces. 
As an aspiring artist, the search for my signature look - something that will identify my work from the others - is still ongoing. For now, what i really want is to paint hyperealism style. The same goes with my sketching. I know it's a long process in my case considering that I am self-taught. 

For tools, Tokyo has lots of it. The famous Sekaido in Shinjuku holds the most number of discounted art supplies. I could spend the whole afternoon gaping at the many selection of brushes and paint medium of sorts. If I feel too lazy, Amazon Japan proved reliable for small purchases. 

I am happy knowing that I have finally put this into practice. For how long this pursuit been put on hold, glad that boredom and winter depression crept in and allowed me to find a way of dealing with it in productive way. Hope I get to paint more and get better. I have this wishful thinking that even at old age, I am hoping to see myself standing next to my works in an exhibhit. How's that for a dream?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals

- Keep fit. I want a body like Gal Gadot's.

- Paint. I finally bought a 40x50 canvas hoping to begin the so-called 'masterpiece'.  Subject in mind is a lion or a female's face.

- Rewatch the whole Star Wars starting from the originals. I was lucky enough to catch Rogue One in the cinema last weekend and it was wayyyy better than the Star Wars' prequels starred by Hayden and Natalie. The Force Awakens is also something I need to check.

- Read more biographies for inspiration. I used to get easily bored with biographies. The first time I read a biography was in high school, about Princess Diana. This was before her death, just right at the time when her divorce with Prince Charles was all over the news. It was forgettable. The second and last time, happened eight years ago, was Barack Obama's semi-autobiography: The Audacity of Hope. The book was a gift and more like, I was forced to read it. I did try and barely made it to the first quarter of its pages. Currently, I am reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. So far, I enjoyed every page.

- Something big should happen. I feel that I want some change. Be it job or place to live in. I feel that it's about time since I am not getting any younger.