Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Back in Japan

Yes, I am back. As to when my period of stay will last is irrelevant for now. I am glad to be back although it means being away from family. It doesn’t matter to me anymore what people think (and honestly, I stopped caring of people’s opinion). As long as people close to me are supportive with my decision, I am more than happy knowing that I made a right choice. Although my only child does not fully understand the situation yet, I assure her that my love for her is always there and ever growing. I do hope that someday, she’ll join me here so that she may see the world from this side.

Tokyo Station, June 2018

During my younger days here, the period of stay had been my constant dilemma. I worry about it because I wanted to stay longer, thereby partly forgetting to enjoy the limited time. When I came back here in 2013, that was when it occurred to me to enjoy while it lasts. There were even hopes of settling here for good but that was thwarted by an unexpected turn of event which led to our decision for my husband and daughter to go back in Homeland. For the next two years and a half, I lived alone. If not for the busy work and my pursuit for creativity, depression would have been a bad companion.
Now, whenever people ask my true state of happiness, my response is yes followed by a sad note of missing home sometimes. Home for me is my daughter. Despite being away from Home, I am more positive with what I want at present and in the future. After all, everything I do and will do is for her. It will be a lot of hard work starting anew but nothing comes easy ever since.
The work is familiar so there is not much adjustment there. My main target at this point is to learn speaking Nihongo. My reading and writing basic skills are basically acceptable but conversational skills need improvement.

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