Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Q2 of 2018

Of course, there were two birthdays! Amber and I celebrated our birthday month in Boracay before it officially, temporarily closed down for rehabilitation. I could not repeat into the details but overall, it was an awesome experience for us.

Then in May, I resigned and took a month off before starting again for the same company I left last year. 

The month off allowed me to spend more quality time with Amber as I have always wanted. We went malling (very typical for Filipinos because parks are scarce) and just spent time watching cartoons (our favorites are Ben Ten and We Bare Bears of Cartoon Network) at home. 

As I would also wanted, I get to do some art. I practiced on my sketching hoping it will achieve realistic level and end up needing more improvement, but eventually with more practice, I will get there.
Also, I got to paint. My first ever oil painting. Oil painting used to intimidate me because I have always been reliant on hard medium like pencils (in short: control issues). With Acrylic gouache, although not a hard medium, it's not intimidating because the drying time does not take long and I can easily overlay it should I need to correct a mistake. On the other hand, oil tubes are expensive and requires a lot of patience, plus to overlay a paint requires at least a week (i did deviate to two days).

But here she is, call her 'Ina'. Ina is mother in Filipino. 

Definitely this is not the last. I am actually enjoying the process of oil painting. It takes long to finish but it will be worth. 

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