Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The year of the cow is haunting me.

It's been two straight nights that I dropped by this particular accessories boutique in Parco (dept. store). And all because of a bag. A pretty beige bad, made of cow skin.

(I know, PETA will kill me).

The price is quite exorbitant for a simple looking but really, good quality bag.

(C'mon, we all know expensive screams quality).

On my second stop (earlier), I was quite saddened because the beige bag was no longer to be found. It was not there. Yesterday, it was there, nestled next to the brown one of the same design.

Getting a heavy feeling that it went to some happy bag hag, I asked the saleslady about it, described it for her with matching hand gestures, and finally, I held the brown bag after remembering that visuals are better than hand gestures.

Having (finally) understood what I meant (that is, after I held the brown bag), she went to the counter, took out some papers that looked like inventory list. She apologized, and told me that it was already sold. Disappointment washed over me.

Broken-hearted, and feeling for my loss, she called their another branch to check if the same beige bag is on-stock. After she hung up, she told the good news that beige bag is on-stock, and assured me that they will have it sent to their branch, just for me. Of course, delighted by this news, I left my name (w/out a contact number because I don't have a mobile phone! I repeat, I. DON'T. HAVE. A. MOBILE. PHONE!) and told her that I'll drop by tomorrow evening to buy it.

Yes, they have my word. And yes, I don't have a mobile phone. That's another story to tell.

It would be a shame not to buy it, right? I mean, with all the hassle I've put them into (even if it's part of their job). And the fact that I really fell in love with the bag, minus the price tag, is worth the reason.

Anyway, I just hope my beige bag candy will be there to meet me. If not, another bag-love lost.


Cheryl said...

Ii don't think I've ever put that much effort into buying a bag. haha

I hope you get it.

Casey McGill said...

I hope you get your bag! I spent the whole xmas season trying to find one I saw and came out victorious at last. Then my sister stole it...So cool that you live in Chiba! Me and my besty are trying to get jobs teaching english there at MIL! Can't wait to read more about it!

amor said...

@cheryl, Rarely do I fall madly in love with bags. Don't know why. There's just something about this 'one'..I can't even explain it, lol

@Casey, I finally got it!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Is the cow haunting you? Or are you haunting the cow? hehehehe... I hope you get the bag. =)

The Demigoddess said...

I'm sure that bag looks pretty swell! Post a picture when you have it. Have you done the bag tag yet? Maybe you should feature that new bag as your bag meme.

amor said...

@chinkygirlmel, I'd like to think it's mutual from the very first day I laid eyes on it, while it just lay there.

@angel, haven't used it yet. It's ordinary-looking but I love it! Will post it in the coming week.