Saturday, February 28, 2009

playing defense for Meyer

How could I not realize sooner that another 'book heaven' is just a few steps away from my nearest bus station?! To think I've been inside that building many times because Daiso happens to be in there as well.

Question to self: Why I never 'thought' of asking, anyway?

Well, better late than never.

If not for D (officemate-slash-neighbour), I would not have found out. This bookstore - Maruzen (a.k.a. my 'book heaven'), I thought, does not sell English books. Even though prior knowledge was at hand that their Ikspiari branch does sell, asking never came to mind. But anyway, enough of the past, I'm just glad that (now) I don't have to go as far as ABC Roppongi or Ikspiari just to buy English books!

So yesterday, I waited for the entire working (Fri)day to end. I was excited for the (then) coming book quest, and already drafted my must-buy list. Anticipation only got more worse for it was snowing (the entire morning), and I was hoping for it to stop because I can't just wait for Saturday. Blame it on my impulsiveness.

Finally, at around 6pm, the snowfall turned to showers. Upon arriving there, I immediately hit the counter, and inquired for the 'English section'. There, the sight of books was enough to make me forget about the freezing f-ing cold waiting for me outside. They have a wide array of books, from Charles Dickens to Barack Obama..and Vogue!? From Italia to British ed.

(Ok, I'm not going to waste my money on fashion mags because they are more of luxury-drooling. Sorry, Anna. Pricewise, one Vogue equates to one good book. Seriously.)

So, here are my additions to my still-non-existent shelf:
Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Chick-Lit time!

by Stephenie Meyer. Yup, I admit to have been bitten and smitten by Meyer's vampires. It's not addiction. It's more of me being 'current'. Let's just say, something for the grandkids to share with. And besides, I've gone as far as book number 2, why not make it all the way? Even though Bella and Edward annoy me sometimes -- their confessions of undying love are just too much that rolling my eyes while reading often happens.

Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer. (Read above)

I have this theory why some people tend to compare Meyer's vampires to others. The bar was set, thus, critics panned Meyer's version (vampires walking out in the morning, playing baseball..and the so-called special diet). But come to think of it, time evolves and so they must be. Vampires need to conform to the ever-changing society to help conceal their identities. Living for centuries probably bored them.

P.S. book number 2 (New Moon) was a huge disappointment for me. It would have been better if there were a lot of fight scenes, bloodbath, and Victoria!?


Nashe^ said...

HAH! Sophie Kinsella... I'll so be watching the movie sooN! Teehee.
Love the blog banner up there, btw!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I have the book Shopaholic. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it. I hope the movie is as good as the book. =)

Casey McGill said...

Hehe, Shopaholic is on my to-read list right after I finish Nobokov's Lolita. Drink, Play, F@#k was great. But then again, I think anything with gratuitous use of the phrase 'nut punch' is great. Good thing it was used quite frequently in the book! Hehehe. And right on about supporting Steph Mey. The lady pretty much held the book industry on her shoulders from Nov-December. Ya gotta give her props for saving a lot of book stores from going under!

amor said...

@Nashe - Thanks. i've been changing my banner for the millionth time.

@ChinkygirlMel - I've read a lot of reviews about the movie. So far, so good.

@Casey - Yep, credits to Steph Meyer. Gotta admit she is a sensation, and she pretty deserves it.