Monday, January 26, 2009

What's the party for?

My project mates are throwing a 'farewell' party for me and two others. I knew about the plan last week because they were voting the best day for it. Today, instead of making me feel excited of the upcoming new assignment, made me awkward because no official notice was yet given (to me), and as to details of my supposed new space, supervisor, team, etc.

Now I feel like not joining. It just defeats the purpose on my part.

The other two deserves the party more because this week is their last week (and will be taking part in other/new projects). I, on the other hand, will carry on. It's either they love me so much or they feel pity for me because no word yet from the powers-that-be as to my start in U-project.

It goes without saying that keeping me will keep me occupied. *pun intended*

Worst is that others are actually (now) aware of my postponed departure from P project. I could see myself, in the party, at loss for words if asked to give a short speech. I could perhaps, banter about this as a false alarm and add a heartfelt 'thank you'.

Feeling a bit disappointed that showed way too obvious in my face, my sixty-something (yes, it's common here) officemate asked whether if I'm not happy with P project.

"No", I said.

He asked, "How come you don't want to go to site (Thailand)?'

I gave him one of my two reasons, ''My husband won't allow me." Then continued "because of time difference issues".

"Your husband is a disturb", he concluded. And said something about why do I have to get my husband's permission. (I swear, those were the exact words)

I responded "It's called compromise", while mentally analyzing what he meant by disturb. Vocabulary tells me that disturb is a verb; he probably meant hindrance.

He chuckled and continued his way to the door while shaking his head, sideways. In disbelief(?)

An hour later, in Bus 51 for Tsudanuma stn., I realized that with all that is about to happen compared to what people have lost due to recession, I should be thankful.

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Cheryl said...

I hope everything works out!