Sunday, February 08, 2009

a not so well spent weekend

If reading New Moon, watching American History X, and cleaning the house fits the perfect definition of a well spent Sunday, then I should change the title.

Earlier, I was planning on taking a walk, and breathe fresh (cold) air but for some reason that could only be attributed to laziness was preventing me from doing so. Other than that, I really don't see any PARTICULAR reinforcement to get my butt from my seat. If only I don't have food in the ref, I would be out by now.

Or is it that cold weather is discouraging me from going out?

Sensing that I was supposed to do something, I took out my moleskine to check what were my plans for the weekend; and these were the to-dos:

Saturday (7) - read 'New Moon'

Sunday (8) - get a haircut(?)
(Yes, I wrote a question mark in parentheses next to haircut. It means tentative.)

As if the need to check my planner is necessary, there's not much to miss at all. It's like my routine on weekends are soo predictable that I can sense it two days before it happens. Not that I'm complaining. I just wish I planned something out of hunting for Patrick Starfish(?!)

Saturday turned out as planned, while Sunday to-do never materialized.

Before concluding it as procrastination (sort of), the haircut experience would be my first time here (because I always have it done in Cebu).

Considering the risk involved, precautionary measures are required. (1) Language barrier is possible. As a solution, I'm thinking of showing a photo of my desired haircut, then we proceed to business in peace. (2) I haven't decided on what style to get, so I bought a Japanese mag in the hope of getting the desired photo. (3) I am scouting, still, for affordable salons. I know it's just hair, and will grow back eventually, but please consider that it's still an expenditure.

Well, the haircut to-do has been delayed since January, so might as well I stop writing it for the time being. Anyway, keeping my hair long (for now) serves well against cold weather.

My hair would have to wait for Spring.


The Demigoddess said...

The language barrier may be the end of your crowning glory. So no haircuts for you until you can speak the language flawlessly.

I had an unproductive weekend, too.

Cheryl said...

Hair is important, and it takes forever to grow out. So unless you're sure, save yourself, and do noooot go.

I never plan anything on Sundays. It's just not worth it. Sunday=couch potato day.

amor said...

@The demigoddess, the language barrier solution --> show a photo of the desired haircut..or perhaps, I can draw it for them, lol

@cheryl, Yah. That's why haircut plans would have to deferred (for now). As for Sundays, I confess I do plan. It's a hard habit to break. I doodle them on notebooks or post-its =P