Friday, February 06, 2009

25 things

Everybody seems to be doing the 25 things list. And guess what? I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Skip everything if it makes you puke.

1. I'm married and currently, into long-distance relationship. I know, you might wonder why the hell I got married when I don't live under the same roof with my man(?!) Well you're not the first one to wonder; my mom had the same reaction..and I could only utter 'because I love him'.

2. Sometimes, shopping with company peeves me that my husband and I meet somewhere after doing our rounds; especially, clothes-shopping. It's just that I can't stand having someone tailing me while raiding the racks.

3. I love stripes that I want to have every clothing in Margot Tenenbaum's wardrobe (except the fur!). And I wouldn't mind being a zebra in the afterlife.

4. In highschool, I have this bad habit of chewing my nails that annoys my father a lot. My nails were so short that scratching my head was like rubbing my head.

5. In 2004 'til 2006, I suffered acne. The worst, perhaps, in the history of mankind! My pimples were sooo huge, bumpy, yuck and all over my face. I resorted to all sorts of remedies that promise good results but unfortunately, they only made the situation worse. Until I met Clinique (shameless plugging). Now, I'm pimple-free. Except for some teeny-weeny ones before periods.

6. I hoard lipgloss and balms. Mostly bought from drugstores.

Nude Bon Bon lipglosses are my current favorite.

7. I will resume wearing my rings (engagement and wedding) this spring because winter is causing my hands to numb; thus, the need to wear gloves. If I wear them (the rings), I might not feel losing them. If I lose them, I will never forgive myself.

8. In my younger days (late eighties to early nineties), I with my gay brother and younger sis play paperdolls on summers. We created a lot of paperdolls and (almost everyday) held Ms. Universe pageants. Weird is that, of all the countries in the world, I always prefer to represent Mexico. I think, the spelling appealed me.

9. Skips breakfast but I always make it up for lunch.

10. I wear black often.

11. Closing time announcement in malls, dept. stores, grocery or wherever causes me to panic. What phobia is it called anyway? Not claustrophobia, for sure. While searching for it in the net..I found this:

Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. Seriously(?)

12. I miss having a cat. My last pet (Mingkoy), an orange tomcat of unknown breed, left without meowing goodbye. It broke my heart.

13. My degree is BS Accountancy. Passed the board and and got to practice my profession , in a private corporation, for a year and four months. Since then, the universe led me somewhere I never imagined and made me forget about financial statements.

14. I wear glasses ONLY when watching movies (in cinema) or powerpoint presentations.

15. When my parents purchased OUR first ever PC, the first 2D game I got addicted to was 'House of the Dead'.

16. Amy Winehouse should get back to making good music and start gaining weight.

17. My boss changed a lot since site assignment. Just to feed our curiousity as to his unexpected change of favorable behaviour, my officemates and I (jokingly) credit the wonders and magic of Thai massage.

18. I badly need a haircut.

19. T (my husband) and I, whenever we ran out of better conversation, end up talking about the 80's; from music, pinoy showbizzzz to shoulder pads. It's just one of our favorite topics.

20 Haven't had the chance to read nor see (in full-length) LOTR. Shame on me.

21. If under stress, depressed or anxious, my appetite is not at its best.

22. In my younger days (again), my parents strictly enforced household chores even those times we had helpers. I was assigned to do jalousie-cleaning. Being an asthmatic, my parents should have known better that exposing me to dust will only aggravate my condition that may lead to death (I always use my weakness as an excuse). Well, my argument won. However, that didn't excuse me from dishwashing.

23. Just heard my rice cooker beep. (translation: dinner time!!)

24. It's 10:31 pm.

25. TGIF!


The Demigoddess said...

I suffered from a short bout of acne in 2007, too, and ruined my whole life!

Interesting read, Amor. By the way, why'd you have to go to Japan? Work?

amor said...

Yeah, work. I enjoy and love it. Glad that my husband understands this so-called passion of mine. lol!

leylander said...

LOL. How about the fear of smelling someone else's armpits?

Anyways, nice post!

extra: the word verification for this comment was ambutpu. LOL

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

wow lip glosses! yum! great selection you have there.