Wednesday, December 31, 2008

yearend report - 2008

My 2008 was more on work, work, and work. Though i got to have a break -->just to get married, lol!

(1) got married last May.

(2) right after our honeymoon in Maribago Bluewaters, i traveled to S'pore! (the only vacation i had in 2008)

(3) after 4.5 years of employment, i resigned to take another offer.

(4) took the offer, better-paying job in JP *loveeeet*

(5) though married, still in LDR, lol. He in KR (no longer SG), while me in JP.

(6) turned down a site assignment in Thailand bec. of time difference issues w/ my husband. Thank God, the company understood my situation. I really thought my refusal would have affected my reputation.

(7) if 2007 was about me trying to revive my artistic side (and my drama queen days..ugh), well, 2008 turned out more about me the working girl and my love for photography =P

my hopes for 2009..and beyond.

(1) for DFA to release my passport (it's been long overdue...tsk, tsk)

(2) project Uzbe to begin. if not, Plan B should resurface.

(3) a better Philippines. Enough of the politicking. These people in public service should know better that there are far more important issues (ex. the global financial crisis that is affecting PI...and my passport!), than revising the Constitution, that require more time and attention.

(4) on something personal: to learn more about life. The world is such a huge book for me, so i do hope to explore other places, and experience their culture.

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shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

I hope makuha na nimo imong passport! dugaya na ana sa...
Happy New Year!