Thursday, January 08, 2009

discomfort in comfort

setting: 7/F ladies' comfort room
time: around 16:00 hrs plus

About to reach for my purse to get my lipbalm (yah, my lips chap so often these days), this Jap lady officemate (of another pj) asked me how was my holidays? i responded, "nothing special. i was here". Jap lady getting the point that i didn't go back to PI as most of my filipino officemates did, gave me the surprised-slash-I-pity-for-you look. I explained to her that my old passport already expired and my new passport is awaiting release *to put it mildly*.

While narrating my passport story, my mind went thinking that she probably thought i don't have the money for a plane fare back to PI (thus the pity look on her face). I know i sound too judgmental on her.

In retrospect, i would have blurted out these words: Hell noh?! i have had a roundtrip ticket. Supposedly, my flight was last Dec. 25 and unfortunately, 2 days before, cancelled it because there's no way i'll be near airport without a passport!

To be honest, i'm beginning to get sick of it. Glad that work is keeping me occupied lest i lose my sanity...for good.

shout out to PI embassy: Pls. release it!

*sigh* what a bad post to start my 2009

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