Saturday, December 13, 2008

passport renewal - progress(?) report

My excitement over going back to Cebu for the holidays is slowly waning. While it had nothing to do over the fact that I won't be enjoying it with T due to work commitments (initially, it did matter a lot), it's more of the possibility of not being able to go back because I DON'T POSSESS A VALID PASSPORT!

Before you (my readers) jump to conclusions, here's the detailed timeline of my passport renewal:

Oct 05. I applied and submitted all required documents as mentioned in their site. After some grueling hours of waiting while retaining my composure because of poor service, they advised me to come back 15 days after for....WHAT?!? To be honest, I even forgot why they asked me to come back??

Oct 20. Took a day off (it was Monday), and went to the Embassy. Only to find out that the only reason why they asked me(us) to come back is to proofread our details, and pay the fee. The whole process lasted only for two hours which made me happy because I was dying of going home early. They informed that it will take 45 days for its release. Counting from that day would mean that I'll be having my new passport by first week of Dec. Hmmm..Just in time. Or so I thought.

Dec 13. It's been more than 45 days. Checking their website about my transaction became a habit for the past two weeks. Sadly, the result is still "In Process". WTF?! I only have two weeks left before my well-deserved homecoming and that can only be made possible with a PASSPORT!!?!

Update: Tomorrow. As much as I hate going to embassy, --- cancelled. I'll give them another week for this. I need to PERSONALLY inquire about it. Calling (by phone) is not an option. I don't even think they are keen on entertaining people, much less through phone. Totally the service is a nightmare!? That's why I hate paperwork, esp. involving Phil institutions. It's a shame that nothing has improved..not that i've been too many gov't institutions but 3 or 4 can create an impression. I just hope that I'll get to have a DEFINITE answer tomorrow. At least by that, I can formulate Plan B.
Tried calling them today but all i heard was continuous ringing. (not surprising).

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shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

ha... bisan sa ibang country, mao gihapon ang 'quality' of service ... kalagot noh? I hope ma OK na na