Saturday, December 20, 2008

got Carrie-d away too late

While everyone's going gaga over Twilight, I am probably the only girl watching Sex and the city (tv show) now since it went off air 2004.

It all started over lunch with Christy. She's one big fan of the show that she was kind enough to lend me her "collection" (don't ask me where she got it?!). I have to confess it's interesting beyond its title. Never had the chance to watch it (not even a single episode) because it used to air just in time for local basketball -> which my father is very very fond of. And due to the title, my parents would have probably freaked out if they caught me watching it, lol! (yah, i was still a teen when the show started airing in HBO).

Currently on my third CD *ehem* and I am more getting jealous over Carrie's shoes.

Anyway, i had it all planned out since middle of this week for the perfect Saturday. Since tv-marathon is best done with no interruption such as going out for food, i have stocked enough junk and cooked spaghetti (so that all i have to do is heat it whenever dear tummy makes grumbling sounds).
I have to admit that this is one of the few decent dishes i can prepare.

On the other note, Twilight has not reached Japan yet (neither has the latest Bond film). Ok, i want to see for myself what's with Twilight. Is this the latest opium? But before i join the bandwagon, let me read the book.

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Christy said...

Ahh.. Hi...Amor..
Since last night, been hang around your blog and decide to leave comment on this .. Saw your sweet Hus. ^^...
Anyway, please keep going on with S$City.. Seee ya...