Saturday, December 06, 2008

looking forward

Two days ago. After some thought and with Christy's advice (my lunchmate girlfriend for a week now), I talked to our EM about my future in the company. As what I've expected, my current assignment will end this month, and as to my future work, he told me that higher management plans to put me on a new project (codename: U). Well, of course, the revelation of my future didn't happen in one sitting though. He had to consult the powers-that-be before coming back and reveal about U. However, the twist is, U is still under negotiation. It looks like it's not yet final. So, my mood went low...again.

Some 30 minutes after my talk with EM, I received an email from my agent (as a reply to my!). She told me about the same thing about my future in the company. I received a phonecall from her to meet me at the agency which I automatically did bec. I was just dying to know everything. It is only after my talk with her that I came to believe about their plans. Like, i need two people to convince me about the truth =P

So that made me happy.

The day after, EM approached and told me that they still need my support for my current project next month (to which I said OK). Thus, U will push through *fingers crossed* on February. Score!

Now, i really have to get my butt off from this seat and start my Christmas shopping.

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Nobe said...

which reminds me, my passport is going to expire this year. :)