Tuesday, December 02, 2008

last month hurrah(?)

December is finally here and at this point of my life, i'm still uncertain what will be MY next year (month) like. Well of course, i'm talking about work. Being a contract-based employee, esp. ranging from 3-4 mos., is daunting if one would put too much emphasis on the period. No matter what assurance they give you to not worry about it because, in time, a project comes knocking and you'll soon be signing a longer-term contract; for me, remains just an assurance. It's not fixed so candy-coated words don't cause me to salivate.

So, it's not surprising that i'm doing any future jobless individual be doing; that is job-hunting. *sigh*. As much as I hate going back to square one and all that, leaves me no choice but to do it.

Anyway, I should not take this too seriously because i don't have a barangay to feed, and the world is in CRISIS (as they say) that being a bum is a perfect excuse. On the contrary, i should take this seriously because i hate being idle. I enjoy working and the benefits pertaining it. Doing something that stimulates my thinking brings worth to my being. Regardless how others perceive that i shouldn't be doing this but do that, and not here but be there because of a certain role...is just not me.

...and taking into account the other (or let's say the main) event for December, I think I'll be spending the 25th in Cebu. Not bad. I sooo deserve a vacation.

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