Sunday, November 30, 2008

picture Sunday: Starbucks, Shinjuku

Have posted this as day 005 on my latest Flickr project: 365. Though i missed two consecutive days, i decided to carry on as planned and pretend as if i missed nothing. Since my account became pro (w/ the help of T) a month ago, the more reason for me to take it seriously(?!) (bec. there's no way I can do the 365 days pj with an ordinary account. I would be over at 200).

About the above pic, it was taken (earlier) at Shinjuku. I have always wanted to make a blurry effect for the crowd while taking into focus a particular object/subject (in this case, the name: starbucks coffee). Though the letters were not too focused as what i would have wanted, it came out pretty well. I also shot in color but have decided to post the monochrome. Anyways, the latter style has always been a favorite.

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