Monday, November 24, 2008

Food Trip - Afternoon Tea

While on a hunt for a great winter jacket in Lalaport (nearest stn. Minami-Funabashi), my stomach was making familiar sounds that its translation would mean "need food -ASAP!"

..then I end up at Afternoon Tea.
It was my first time there and since I (normally) travel alone, I went for the table good-for-two. (believe me, a bad experience at a pizza place prompted me to always do so. That bad experience was all about me given a table good-for-four!? knowing I was to dine alone!) Anyway, i didn't spend too much scanning the menu because most of it are written in Hiragana (and I was really hungry). I told the waitress, "i want this" while pointing at food pictures, lol!

Food was excellent! in spite of my disbelief that i did swallow the half-baked bacon
(or was it raw?)milk tea (cold) | carbonara with bacon | bread | cheesecake
Yup, still reading that John Grisham book. I'm a few chapters away to ending it so thrills me to know what Joel Backman a.k.a. Marco Lazzeri's fate back in Washington...If this book will be made into a movie, hmm....I can see Harrison Ford playing Joel.


2-1-1, Hama-cho, Funabashi-shi," Chiba

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