Sunday, November 23, 2008

a walk in the park

Finally, my well-deserved break came. The past two weeks were filled with work, work and work. Much to my chagrin, the coming week(s) will not be spared either. So, for this weekend, I decided to do something special. OK, nothing really special.

Since Monday (11/17), I very well planned on how will I be spending the coming weekend should sunny weather reign. Yet knowing autumn season (cloudy skies and/or light rain are frequent; either can possibly ruin a plan. well, almost always for outdoor activities), checking the next days' weather forecasts is a must. Friday came, and the more I got excited knowing it will be sunny for the next two days!

...Well..the plan was just for a stroll at some park. Like I said, nothing really special.

With two bags in tow, I headed for Kurakoen.

then to Shinjuku to get a closer look and shot of Mode Gakuen
(i'm just amazed by the design!)
...and grab something for life at Chelsea cafe..(darn! i'm losing weight that my pants no longer fit well..losyang look is sooooo eeewww according to T)
"parting" shot of downtown Shinjuku.


Anonymous said...

lami ang bridge lami ang leaves

Anonymous said...

maayo raman ko, ikaw kumusta diha? tugnaw diay akong tiil hehehe