Monday, November 03, 2008

another gaijin blooper

Who would have thought that today is a HOLIDAY??!? Everybody knows it but me. It's disappointing because I practically dragged myself from bed to get a cold shower, hurry, and walk my fastest ever just to catch the 8:35am bus?! Doubts began to surface when I saw the streets near Shin-Narashino stn. almost deserted. I thought to myself that I was really really late even though my watch said otherwise.

Upon reaching the almost-empty huge parking lot beside THE office building (which is always approximately 90% occupied), finally convinced me that....
I should keep a Japanese calendar =P

And since I was already there, I decided to read my inbox and check emails from my boss or whether he had comments on my weekly report of previous week. Good that he didn't have any comments whatsoever. I stayed for less than an hour for I don't feel like working. Then headed to Ikspiari for some shopping.

Oooohhh, the best way to spend a holiday.

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