Sunday, November 02, 2008

Marunouchi | Ginza

Sundays have officially become my 'exploring Japan day'. I know the term is boring and maybe I'll start thinking of better words to replace it. Itineraries are no longer necessary since I have been sooo acquainted and have come to familiarize the train routes (more than the files kept in the project server) that the probability of getting lost is negative, lol.

Earlier today, my adventure started at Imperial Palace Garden (Tokyo). Since living in Chiba, my train rides consume most of my hours, and with my 'usual' weekend that begins in the afternoons, lunch is normally postponed to later hours.
While walking and shooting at every thing that caught my lens, I realized that i have actually walked some miles and end up in Ginza. I never thought that Ginza is just few minutes walking distance from Imperial Palace. The fact that my feet were not hurting, during the process of my 'walkathon', made me proud of my boots, lol!

Ginza (like Omotesando) is a haven for shopaholics. Famous international fashion names operate at every street corner (seriously). The main wide streets of Ginza are normally closed for traffic during Sundays. This, I think, is one way of controlling the crowd because the sidewalks are not enough to accommodate them.

One thing that made me (re)explore Tokyo is that my remaining days here are soon to hit zero. Seriously. When that comes, I will surely miss this place.

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