Friday, January 13, 2012

bucket list review

In February 2009, I posted a list of things I wish to accomplish in the future. For the purpose of checking whether I did something to make my wishes into reality, I am re-posting them.

1) EU trip. -- Check!
My hubby and I started the plan in July last year and even after my pregnancy came to our knowledge sometime early August, we decided to pursue the trip as planned. The plan finally materialized in September last year. Our trip, which was only good for less than two weeks, covered Netherlands, Belgium and France (everything was DIY, not a package tour). We have selected these countries because of their proximity to one another (Netherlands being our point of entry/exit). Though not exactly the whole Europe, it was not that bad considering the fun we had in spite of the limited time. 

Skipping no. 2 -- I forgot what I wrote as numero dos. I do remember that I posted this list as a sidebar before.

3) A huge shelf full of my favorite books. -- Still in progress. 
The shelf I bought last year is no way huge yet I'm happy to have filled it with my books. 

4) Get rid of my braces. -- Check! I finally got rid of the lower part last year.

5) Write good poetry. -- This will stay in the list. I need to be extremely happy or wretched beyond words to do this. 

6) New project - U. Not applicable. This is work-related so it should be deleted as a wish. 

7) Release of my new passport. This, I realized, is not something to wish for. Renewals of passports or IDs should not fall under a wish list. Such errands are mandatory duties of a citizen.

8) Visit T in KR. -- Check! I did more than visit.

9) Watch PBA with T (he loves it, I'm tagging along.). Clearly, this is not my wish thus it should be deleted.

10) Visit Angkor Wat. -- Check! It happened in May 2010

And since there are only a couple of wishes left in my list, might as well add new ones.

1) Learn to play a musical instrument. Either I learn to play a guitar or piano.

2) Visit more places in the Philippines. It's about time to explore more local destinations because 'it's more fun in the Philippines'. I can only count in one hand the places I've been to outside Cebu, i.e. Bohol, Manila, Corregidor Island, Boracay and Palawan. I remember having visited Bantayan Island as a kid but that, of course, doesn't count.

3) Turn that dormant asset into an active one. Purely personal so I will not divulge much.

4) To be back in the workforce in 2013.

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Nashe^ said...

Cheers to achieving those old resolutions, and to new ones!