Tuesday, January 10, 2012

book vs. eBook

As much as I dislike reading eBooks, the future will eventually dictate that eBooks will dominate over books. Or has it at present?
Sense and Sensibility: book (KRW 5,000), eBook (free)

This is one of the technological innovations that I have not completely embraced because I just love 'actual' books. When the time comes that a bill or rule is passed by the government to cease production of books (hardcopies) in the hopes of saving trees, I would be devastated. Bookstores will become a thing of the past or be limited to selling office and school supplies; and a library will no longer occupy much space of a school building as everything is paperless and accessible online. 

But I have to admit that eBooks did save me from office boredom numerous times. Unlike books, they are not obvious when read during office hours -- provided their background is white (which is standard for eBooks, i suppose). Do take note that my history with eBooks was done out of survival. 

The inevitable will happen. I will be reading eBooks and be grateful for its existence the same way I am grateful to whoever invented the digital camera.


All You Can Books said...

I don't dislike reading eBooks, but I'm not quite a fan. It's great that I can take it everywhere with me, because it's portable and little. I can have hundreds of titles on my online library from my Kindle Fire. It's a great device with many features and I can do many interesting things on it. But I will always choose to read printed books when I'm at home, because it's not the same thing.

Jason said...

Same here, I haven't quite warmed up to eBooks. We lack chemistry. Though the eBook's built-in dictionary is a huge advantage.