Thursday, January 05, 2012

the changes that comes with pregnancy

Upon knowing my pregnancy, I sought advice from people and the net as to almost anything on what a pregnant woman should do. One thing that I took note of was that every parent I had a conversation with was right about the first trimester. The first trimester, as they say, will be (was) the most fragile period of an expectant mother. That being noted, I have been very careful: from my pace in walking to monitoring my diet.

The first trimester. 
  • Constant battle with morning sickness and drowsiness all throughout that period.
  • Smell of Korean foods and the smell of old people made me want to puke.
  • Disliked drinking smoothies which was a surprise because I used to enjoy those.
  • I easily got tired. Even sitting was tiresome for me. I only wanted sleep.
  • Constipation. The more it was difficult for me because I feared that if I stayed too long in the toilet doing nature's call, the zygote might fall as well.
However, of all the dramatic changes I went through first trimester, I considered myself lucky because my ObGyne only advised me bed rest once (in August) as a result of a minor bleeding that had me freaking out until she (doctor) told me, after the ultrasound, that it was not something to worry about and suggested me to take the rest of the day off.

The second trimester.
Having breezed through the first 3 months successfully, the whole idea of having a baby was slowly getting real. The word 'mother' is slowly engraved on my life records.

At present, at almost 25 weeks.
  • I still dislike smoothies, and the smell of Korean food and old people still makes me want to puke.
  • My bout of morning sickness is gone.
  • Now that my day starts around 10~11am, drowsiness is a thing of the past and I don't easily get tired. In fact, I move a lot. I do minor household chores and do grocery on my own.
I have read somewhere that at this stage, a pregnant woman should do some exercise to strengthen her body. I get the point but my main problem is the weather. It is winter in this part of the world and I am not at all inspired to go out and do some walking exercise alone unless the temperature rises to certain tolerable degrees (say 8degC). Come weekends -- provided that temperature is not negative.

They say that the last trimester is difficult. Partly scary, I must admit. But having known and seen women survive the whole process up to childbirth then to motherhood, I think I'll do fine.

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Nashe^ said...

You definitely will! Hahaa. Hope you'll sail through the next few months!