Monday, January 02, 2012

books to read while waiting for Spring

In 2011, I only got to read a total of six (6) books: Shanghai Girls (by Lisa See), The Carrie Diaries (by Candace Bushnell), Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, and Never Let Me Go (by Kazuo Ishiguro). Not unexpected since work practically took over my life. My 2009 book project was by far the most successful. This only means that in 2009, work was not as hectic as last year's.

Now, it's 2012. I am a bum and I have no excuse for not doing any reading. Prior to leaving work last month, I had set my goals on making myself productive while waiting for the big day (read: Amber's arrival). I had foreseen that my days will be long and boring (which turned out to be true), thus, here is a list of things to kill boredom.

1) Bring out the inner chef in me. 
Youtube has been very helpful. I must admit my attempts at cooking are getting better though.

2) Read more.
Inset photo features the books I'll be reading. All fiction.

3) Sketch something. 
In progress. I'm currently working on a sketch of a pregnant woman. (I can't think of something other than me.)

4) Blog more. 
I have no more excuse not to do this. Last year, I only got to compose ten (10) posts?!
Now that I am three (3) months away from due date, documentation of my expanding belly is a must. After all, the whole point of my blog is to record memories, thoughts and randomness.

Though watching TV is not in the list, it has been my default boredom killer. I can't help that CSI is addicting.

P.S. 2011 was awesome. Travel and pregnancy were the highlights. Hope 2012 will exceed last year's awesomeness.


Jason said...

Looking forward to reading your posts and reviews! And I'm happy to read about Amber, yay! :) Happy New Year!

amor said...

Thanks Jason! I'm not really good at reviews. Happy new year!