Saturday, December 17, 2011


Earlier, I wrote this note for my baby.

10 hours or so after, tiny-person-inside-me has revealed its gender = Girl.

Around my 4th month, I had a feeling that my baby would be a girl after having noticed and as what my colleagues at work have said that I don't have the signs expected from expectant mothers expecting a boy. Though I was neither blooming on my first trimester (up to present) nor haggard, my instincts have said that the probability of my baby's gender is female. It could be that my subconscious secretly wants for a girl but every time colleagues and friends asked me as to my preference, I would normally answer 'either' because all i really want is a healthy baby.

Currently, Amber is 22 weeks old. My belly is expanding that it sometimes hurts. Lately at bed time, of all time in a day, I could feel her kicks and pokes or whatever calisthenics she's doing down there.

I'm a full time 'mother' for two weeks now. I did not renew my contract citing my pregnancy as reason. I know some women in my situation still work until their 8th month or so but I have decided to be stress-free from work and focus my time and effort on my baby.

I will not be a full-time mom forever; I want to go back in the workforce someday. For now, my first priority is Amber.


Nashe^ said...

HOMG.... That's great! SO happy for you! :D

amor said...

Thanks, Nashe!