Thursday, October 09, 2008

the answer is NO

Phone conversation with the boss.

boss: i told L (my officemate) that you will now be handling Instrumentation since there are only a few outstanding items left in Rotating Equipt.
me: yah.
boss: so, have you talked with your husband about the possibility of site assignment (in Thailand)?
me: yes....and the answer is NO.
boss: ok, i understand it's difficult.
me: yah.
boss: ok, bye.
me: bye

The boss asked me about possible site assignment two weeks ago. Since then, I am not so keen for reasons I'd rather keep to myself.

I remember being asked by him, during my job interview, about my willingness for overseas assignment. Of course, doing my best to sell myself, I said 'as long as it's not somewhere Middle East, then Yes'. Adding to that, I have mentioned so eloquently, in my self-evaluation report, my confidence over whatever challenge. Now looking back and basing on my response (over the challenge), he may think otherwise.

Truth is, things have changed. I can't possibly be going farther when my husband will be working in South Korea effective next month?!!

I couldn't care less now if the only reason for me not to be renewed is my refusal on site assignment. Then so be it.

*If only it's somewhere Europe, I'd be packing my things now, lol!

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