Saturday, September 27, 2008


Just when I thought life is running smoothly, comes the unexpected.

Two days ago, while I was gathering my things after a meeting, my boss requested me to stay for a few minutes. He looked serious (as always, by default) so I obliged and thought it had to do with the recently concluded meeting or the employee evaluation that had everyone hushing. After his speech about my work and the recent progress of the project, he asked my opinion about the possibility of site assignment.*gasps*

The ever-cliched awkward silence followed.

I didn't see that coming (the offer). Seriously.

So I spoke my opinion about it...(I just had to type it as dot dot dot)

To cut the story short, I was (am) soooo not into the whole plan. Seriously though, I'd love to work at site. Opportunities like that are sure to boost and pump up my career. The pressure has nothing to do with my unsure response for I'm never the type who shies away from the sight of it. It's just that working with maliit, knowing his personality, is non-negotiable.

P.S. Bangkok looks interesting. I'd love to go there someday.

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