Sunday, September 21, 2008

treadmill love

After three weeks of absence, I resumed my gym session at Gold's. I was kinda surprised when the receptionist told me that she haven't seen me for some time now. I smiled and told her that I was very busy with work (which is partly true). The other part was that T and I were sooo busy spending quality time. I spared that part bec. it would only lead to further questions.

And speaking of toning, I think the most part I should focus is my stomach (which, by the way, is my main target). However, it looks like I'm loving treadmill so much that I usually spend half of my gym-time on it. As if my everyday, 15 minutes walk (from Tsudanuma stn. to apartment, vice versa) is not enough, lol.

*sigh* I'm done with my weekend chores and I'm bored now. I feel like going someplace this Sunday and just check some great jackets for Autumn. Of course, must read Vogue for some inspiration before hitting the stores, hehe (though I already had in mind what I want.)

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