Sunday, October 05, 2008

black flats saved the day

I went to Phil. Embassy today to renew my passport (w/c will expire end of this year). Not surprising was that, in spite of my efforts of getting there early (considering the 56 mins. of travel), I had to (actually) queue some 20 mins------outside, under the scorching sun; and upon reaching the embassy's badly-needs-fix transparent doors, was some employee handing out the number and telling me to come back at 3pm?! For me to have arrived at 10:15, would have expected to at least get things done right then. It frustrates me because all I queued for was a priority number (w/c they could have handed out while people were waiting outside!?! ) The reason: LACK OF SPACE. *sigh*

No choice. Point taken.

Ranting about the whole situation will not help me so I just calmed down, went with the flow, and hoped that my passport photo will look nice, lol! About the service, it was sooooo typical that it parallels the services that Filipinos are soooo familiar of (back home). It scares me because it's not a good thing and that's basically the same attitude I see in gov't employees (ever so often).... *i'll just shut up*

That's why I hate paperwork and all that red-tape (read: gov't requirements). It would have been better if the services are above par.

What frustrates me more, while I was waiting for my OWWA receipt, was that inside the very office they had the TV blasting Maja Salvador. Hmmmm...

Well, I heard our Phil. Embassy will be relocating someplace. Hopefully, the space better be huge...and their lunch break (must) be shortened. Imagine 1.5 hrs! *gasps*

Had a bad d, I decided to buy shoes, hehe. These black flats made my day.

It's not Chanel; it's WAG (made in Japan).

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