Friday, January 05, 2018

2018 Goals

1. Read more books. 

2. Go back to Japan and make sure to learn Nihonggo within 6 months. The objective should be able to read and speak Nihonggo fluently. The writing part can follow later, especially the Kanji. 
3. Travel more. The first half of 2017 led me to Nagoya and Hiroshima. This year, I hope to travel at least another island in the Philippines and to explore more of Japan.

4. Be good at drawing and painting. So far, I am on thr right track. I might consider joining some art club for further improvement.

5. Plank, plank, plank. I am not into gym membership because based on experience,  I ended up spending more than my usage. Planking requires zero spending which suits well to my schedule and attitude.

These are pretty realistic goals I hope to achiev within this year. Cheers to 2018!!

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