Saturday, December 30, 2017


Top L-R: Invested on colour pencils. My first cat painting in March 2017. Amber in Nagoya.

Center L-R: Amber at Tokyo Disneyland dressed as Elsa. Solo trip in Miyajima. Low tide unveiled Itsukushima Shrine.

Bottom L-R: White sand in Mactan. Magellan's cross in Cebu. Aquila Audax in colour pencil.

2017 was different. It was unexpected compared to the last two previous years.

Looking back on the list of goals for 2017, I was able to achieve 3 out of 5. Not bad, eh. First, was painting. I am proud to say that I am getting some direction unlike before, I could barely find some inspiration to begin with. It started in January when I happened to have bought nice looking canvas at Flying Tiger (it's like Denmark's version of Daiso) in Lalaport. Other than that, I did some pretty coloured-pencil drawings.

Next, was rewatching the whole Star Wars franchise. I did watch all except for Episode III because it bored me.

The last one was "Something big should happen". It did happen and somehow, it can't be denied that I do feel some slight regret. Although schedule, work and daily life have been stressful, it has been nice waking up with Amber. She has grown a lot since I came back and as expected with kids her age, constantly asks a lot of questions.

As for books, I have not even reached half of Angela Duckworth's Grit. It only goes to show that I have been very busy and less lonely because it is in loneliness that books become my best friends.

In spite of it all, I am determined to get back with the bigger world. Hoping before Natsu 2018 kicks in, I will be walking the streets of Chiba and Tokyo again. 

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