Friday, November 10, 2017

It's November already...

Before I begin, I was supposed to do my usual Random Five post but due to Blogger not bothering to update their app, my current OS no longer supports Blogger app. Hmm, thinking of migrating to WP.

Anyway, I will be sharing what I have been up to. Inspite of the usual craziness of the world and watching Disney channel with Amber, I was able to squeeze some time for art. Inset photo shows my artworks by Acyrlic gouache on canvas. The Tiger and Black Bear were my recent works.

(L-R) Tiger - Sept 2017, Cat - March 2017, Black Bear - Nov 2017, Wolf - Feb 2017, and Lion - Jan 2017. The last one is my favorite art in the form of person, Amber at 3.

Not the best but on the way there. I know I still have a long way to go considering I have lapses in between but so far, it feels good after seeing my works on my walls.

As much as I thought I would have a lot of free time while in Cebu, it is actually insufficient. Work time plus the en route time (traffic and distance) eats up most of my day leaving me no time to do other things. Well, i need to re-orient myself to Life. 

I do miss solitude..but too much of something is bad enough (quoting a Spice Girls' song). 

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