Saturday, September 02, 2017

Back in Cebu

I left Japan last 4th July 2017 and began working in Cebu on 18th July 2017. I could have given myself time for a break but knowing me, I need to keep myself occupied. Besides, the first two weeks of work as a new employee were (as expected) boring. 

Now, two months after my departure from Japan, I am beginning to miss that place. I know the decision was sudden but no regrets (although a little) considering my main reason for wanting to be back in Cebu was for Amber, it was for good cause. 

So, as usual, Cebu is typically humid and getting oh-so crowded. The traffic is getting worse but the place is still love. 

Finally, Cebu's famous landmark (Magellan's cross) and I met again. 

The building at my left is CSN (Colegion del Sto. Nino). It was my school from K1 to Grade 2. My parents had us (with my 2 siblings) transferred to a school nearer to our home). I vividly remember that everything was so big at the time, all the time from a child's perspective.

Finally found the time to actually take a photo. Be reminded people that back in the 80s, smartphones did not exist. This led me to envy the current generation for always having the opportunity of taking photos anytime, anywhere. 

Back then, taking photos or having photos taken was a luxury. I remember there were so-called professional photographers around Sto. Nino church. One photo costed around 20php (at the time, that rate was expensive). Only on special occasions such as Christmas and Birthdays, my parents never failed to keep the tradition of having our photos taken to document a memory until we started high school. 

Amber at 5, getting wiser (proud mom) and a little spoiled. 

Is this temporary? Yes.

Call me whatever but I have always wanted to live in a four-season country. Japan is ideal (people, food, convenience, and environment) but the language is a barrier if one doesn't bother to at least learn the basics. I have the basics and will make it a point to go back. Other countries are welcome. Netherlands was nice and who knows really where life might lead me. For now, I am enjoying Cebu. 

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