Friday, March 16, 2018

Amber is moving up from K2.

How time flies! Amber will soon enter grade school.

By chance, I was able to take a photo of her extremely happy at the sight of sand and sea. This was taken right after her baccalaureate mass at Birhen sa Regla Parish. It was a Wednesday and I have  taken a day leave from work.
I have told T about wanting to celebrate this milestone in Amber's young life somewhere. Supposedly it was a dinner at a restaurant located on a rooftop but due to the usual immovable traffic in the city on weekdays, he drove farther Mactan. To be exact, he took us to Suba Basbas which he told me as the place of birth of his grandfather.

Well, we couldn't be more pleased that the resort (Pacific Cebu Resort) was almost void of people that it looked like we had the beach to ourselves. Amber was jumping and happy all over the place which I let her be.

Her graduation will be held on the 24th March 2018.

To Amber: May you continue to amaze me with your being. Love you always.

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