Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring 2016

Spring is here again. Sakura season started last weekend and as of today, pink petals are mostly now on ground. Inset photos were taken on random days last week. 
This one is near the apartment. The first two were taken at a park near by the office. 
Spring happens to be that time of the year when I get a year older.

April is my birth month and even before it started rolling in, I was all set to seriously put every day a festive one, even if it means doing it all alone. But i was so hooked with my The Walking Dead that i apparently forgot the whole plan, with the exception of T and Amber's upcoming visit (which I have taken planning way ahead and listing every possible tasks to avoid any mishaps). 

It only occurred to me yesterday, while watching TWD, that my birthday was two days from yesterday! I haven't had any plans which I normally do (It could be a fancy dinner or a treat to myself). Well, the latter is always present during weekends but i am referring to a something special, not something bought at whim. 

Anyway, i had something in mind in terms of material things but seriously, what i want or need is a nice massage or a beach getaway, sipping non-alcoholic mojito while watching the sunset and Amber playing by the shores. Yeah, i need a moment.

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