Saturday, April 02, 2016

Artistic Pursuits

So I have been active again in drawing or sketching. It's been a while though.I did mention about reliving my old hobby sometime in October 2015 that lasted only a month. December got me busy with the holidays so I never took hold of any pencil until late March 2016. Just after my IELTS, I decided to open again my sketch pads and create portraits. Let's start from the first ever masterpiece.

Amber, Oct 2015
My first attempt at going back was, of course, my daughter. It was based on a studio photo of Amber at 3.
(By the way, that was a lucky shot since making her sit still facing a camera was never easy. She always avoids the camera).
This sketch is quite simple and easy because drawing a kid's face rarely requires any shading, especially that this was a studio photo, where lights are upfront which also brings us to the downside of looking flat.

Aquino, Oct 2015
The second sketch I made was of incumbent President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III. It was based on a Time magazine cover issue just a few days before he was sworn to Office.

Beyonce, Oct 2015
The one on the right, is none other than Queen Beyonce. I apologize for not giving too much effort on the hand's details as my hands too were getting tired.
Both sketches were completed in less than a day.

Stella, Nov 2015.
One of my best friends requested me to draw her. I had to admit, I was pleased to be asked to draw. I think it has to do with people appreciating your work and as a result, inspires you to do more.

Leo, Nov 2015
Though this does not even resemble Leonardo di Caprio in every angle, and the only way to know that it's Leo is when I put a caption about it being him. But I have to say, it is one of my favorites because of the details I made on the ear. 

Daenerys Targaryen, March 2016
This is my latest work, added a little bit of colors on the eyes and lips. I was using water colour pencils. I thought it would create disastrous result but I was wrong though. The hair should have been more detailed even though Daenerys' hair is white. The face is a little similar but again, sketches shouldn't be perfect anyway. If I want to achieve 100% resemblance, might as well I photocopy the base photo.

Tools used: Faber Castell water colour pencils. I chose the artists' quality set, as what the artistic people in internet forums have recommended and also considering my determination in stepping up to the next level: Painting. The set is expensive but it is an investment.

For pencils, I stock up on grades HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, charcoal (which I haven't fully utilized its benefits) and eraser. Eraser plays a huge role in putting life on the sketch. Mostly, I frequently use an HB for outlines, 2B or 4B for softer strokes. These B series are soft making it easier to spread the strokes and erase for changes. I have yet to explore the other series but so far, HB, 2B, an eraser, a photo for reference, an eyebrow brush (helps with shading) and a B4 size paper are enough.

Still a long way to go that's why I aim to draw at least a week (an idea that just came to mind as of this writing). I tend to forget so I want to make the most of the time and space I am enjoying now by exploring the arts further for I cannot think of other ways to keep me occupied at home. If outside, I either shop or stay at cafes reading a book. Well, except for The Walking Dead, which has put my sketching on indefinite hold status. 

I shall return though..after I'm done with Season 5.

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