Saturday, March 26, 2016

Five Random (vol.5)

SPRING is officially here and we are almost done with the first quarter of the year. This means my birth month is just around a few days! I'm quite excited for next month because T and Amber are coming over.

Spring is really here though the temperature as of this writing is 8degC! Not a typical Spring rating. Anyway, Stan Smiths, my favorite line in Adidas, had officially taken over my love for Rekord. The latter has not made a comeback since mid 2000s. Stan-Ojisan, as what they call him here, is comfy, easy to walk around except that the color white is so pristine, getting dirty after one use is expected. The whiteness and simplicity were the points that got me sold anyway. This pair is my second (white/black). My first ever was white/green and I don't think I am done hoarding them. I'd like to own an all black SS.
Finding my size 22 proves difficult anywhere. Most stores carry size 23 as their smallest. So imagine my excitement when I found my size.

(2) NTT Docomo Tower
The tower looks all over Shinjuku. It's not their headquarters nor for tourists. It houses offices and currently holds as the 4th tallest building in Tokyo.

I happened to pass by it, which was inevitable, on my way to Tokyu Hands Shinjuku. I know, I have been to Tokyu Hands Shibuya a week before (which by the way, still has more to offer compared to its Shinjuku branch) but that day in the morning of last week was so stressful, I just had to buy some supplies to support my artistic pursuits. Will blog my artworks later.

One of the many foods I like here. Nothing can beat the locals. I've tried the ones in Cebu a long, long time ago but it can't pass as takoyaki at all because I couldn't find the 'tako' (octopus).

For this year, I shifted to smaller journal because I have finally graduated from lugging large totes. I decided to bring bags that are mid to small sizes because it's easier to travel light. To follow this rule, the need to edit one's necessities to bring. Instead of totally eliminating bringing journals, I downgraded the size to small. (An enlightenment that came to mind long time ago but recently applied). 

One of the notes I take down are train routes though I can always rely my phone for this but sometimes, writing notes should be encouraged; as you can see my handwriting is nearing unreadable.

Inset photo shows two routes. Those are the nearest stations of the examination places I went to the last two weekends. Inagekaigan is my station which, as shown above, requires me to transfer several lines before arriving at my destination (just imagine with time stamps). That's how far my place is. Ichigaya and Shinjuku are farther than Tokyo station, and it takes around 45 minutes from my (Inagekaigan) station to Tokyo station using JR Rapid Keiyo line. 

Whenever Spring time comes, it has become my habit to replace my house slippers. This pair is from Uniqlo (only 700 JPY). This is my 3rd pair and probably my favorite design so far because it reminds me of Amber a lot. Though she recognizes Mickey, I am not sure if she adores him as Anpanman.

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