Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 Goals

Here I go again. Yet I will never get tired and bored at making list of goals because somehow i am good at following them (except for the exercise part, as most of us busy people do). But here's mine to keep tab of what i want for this year.

(1) Do plank 3x a week. A complete downgrade from everyday plank. 

(2) Spend more time with Amber. This will probably be the last term I'm giving overseas work a priority. Amber is getting old and ready for kindergarten a year from now. She is getting curious and does ask a lot of questions which I obligely try my best to answer. Let us just say, I don't want her to grow up hating me for not being there for her. 
                        Amber at 3

(3) Travel. I would like to see myself in Hokkaido one day and a road trip around Cebu (outside the main city).

(4) Save. With finances going low due to house renovation project, i am going back to one. I had no regrets for putting too much costs on the renovation including choosing quality and style even for non-essentials such as lighting fixtures and furnitures because to be honest, i am happy with outcome. 

(5) Stay calm and collected. With my age approaching forty, i have to choose my battles wisely. Only three things to be selected in case problem arises: ignore, deal with it or sleep on it. In most cases, it is a combination of sleep and deal later.

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M said...

Great resolutions, Amber is lovely! Happy new year!

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