Friday, December 25, 2015


(1) The longest time i was away from Amber. In spite of the many short one week visits to Cebu I have made this year, there's no denying I missed a lot of her growth. I am just glad that she still acknowledges me as her mama. Don't worry baby, I will be home for good soon.

(2) The house finally reached livable standards and we did celebrate our first Christmas there sans the essential furnitures and food. Looking back, the project kickstarted in May. By mid December, we moved in. Now, we are busy buying things to fill it with. Good thing everything is on sale season which we are particulary taking advantage of. 
The mini library waiting to be filled with books. The tufted armchair was on sale at Mandaue foam (30% discount).

(3) living alone and staying sane is no easy feat especially for someone like me, inspite of being a proud hermit, had bouts of depression. My child takes a huge part of my heart. 

(4) GoT. I got to finish watching all 5 seasons that Summer. Maybe not in the same league in terms of awesomeness as Breaking Bad but GoT deserves a certain spot somewhere good TV. Who knew i'll get addicted to it considering i am so not into dragons and medieval period. The whole production, ensemble and storyline were amazing. Its success probably stemmed from the fact its setting takes place in the old world and most modern TV are well, set at present.

This year was not bad at all though certain things did not go as planned. Farewell, 2015. You were awesome. 2016, bring it on!

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