Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five Random (vol.3)

Hey, there.
(1) Well, it's the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la
OK. Worry not. Stress este working days for this year will be over in the next two days. I am, as usual, will spend it with family in Cebu...and at our Home!
(2) Illumination or light shows are popular in Japan especially during Christmas season. Every corner in Tokyo, even in my dear neighbourhood mall, has their own version of Illumination. Inset photo was in Caretta Shiodome taken two Sundays ago.
Well, these illumination shows pale in comparison to my dear Philippines, where every household has their own light shows; some simple, some grand.
(3) IKEA love. Yes, count me as one of the many fans of this Swedish phenom. I love the simplicity and the functionality of all things they offer. IKEA caters to every type and size of home and their prices are fairly reasonable. Currently eyeing on the throw pillow covers (already bought four) and those grey seat cushions.

(4) And for the second time on my second yearend party attended this year, luck eludes me. I don't know why. Bingo game is a game of chance but chance never favors me, LOL. Here's hoping I'll win the first prize on the coming Friday's yearend at the office.
(5) Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee will probably be the last book I have read this year. The predecessor was a masterpiece so don't put your hopes too high on this book to overcome the predecessor's level. However, it has its own lesson worth learning.
Spoiler: Scott in her 20s, working in New York, went back to her hometown in Maycomb, Alabama for a break. We all know how she adores Atticus (her father) since as a child, to the point that he is put on a pedestal, an epitome of perfection. One day, she found that her father is supporting an opinion different from hers. It shocked her so she went to confront him about it. Harsh words were said by Scott to her father while the latter remained calm.  In the end, her Uncle Jack (Atticus' brother) put some sense into her head, reminding her that she is her own person and her father is his own. Her opinions need not be forced to people because that makes her a bigot. People have different opinions on certain things and should be respected. On the contrary, Atticus praised her for sticking to her opinions but reminded her to learn to respect what others have to say.

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