Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kitchen Project

Though not much into the culinary arts, I have always wanted a nice kitchen. A kitchen functional enough for its purpose and with cabinets measured to fit the area. It's easy to let any self-proclaimed contractors do the work but the outcome would be blah or cabinets looking awkwardly fit. So when house renovation plans came into effect, we hired the services of an architect.

The finished product of the house does not have enough space for the kitchen area. There's a space (lot) at the back of the house that would serve as an option for extension (Explains why it's called low-cost housing. You buy it at low cost but you'll have to pay a lot for renovation and extension). Anyhow, the back lot has enough space, so an extension was built. Since the house has never been dwelt by humans, it stayed bare and grey until the renovation.
As you can see, the kitchen was the last to get prettified. The crew started with the renovations of the exterior and interiors from up to downwards.

The cabinets were up sooner than I expected. I even thought it would take months just to get the kitchen to its form as planned. Based on this photo (which took me long to notice if not for T's keen eye) was that the cabinets at the bottom right didn't look consistent. Though there are four drawers and two door cabinets on that side, the wood design should, according to him, look like they were one. The handles too were not aligned was a small issue but really needs to be corrected. I was actually willing to forego and be happy with its imperfection but alas! it was revised. 
They've fixed it and changed the cabinet handles to longer ones. 

I am excited of the outcome though I found the cabinets' color too dark for me because i thought i selected a color lighter than this but with the whiteness that surrounds it, the dark wood somehow grew on me. Blame it on pinterest. Pinners seem to lean on lighter colors as 'after' renovation.
The counter is white granite. We selected it for its durability; the color bland so as to easily spot dirt. The backsplash were large rectangular tiles with small hexagon bas relief details from Cebu Home Builders (this was a wise decision compared to my earlier preference for glass mosaic tiles that would cost me a fortune have i pursued). I'm OK with these tiles as they seem easy to clean and modern which has always been the peg we're following. 

Elba gas range will occupy that bare space between cabinets, and some small cactus plants will fill those shelves. 

My only comment is the window. It was too small but I'm OK with it now for as long as the lights are bright enough from the inside.

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