Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How to use the laundromat in Japan?

When I first came to Japan, the apartment provided by the company did not have a washing machine. Instead, a coin washer was available at the ground floor of the apartment building. At that time, mid 2000s, the cost was 150yen per wash. Dryer is optional, it was around 50yen.

In 2008, I transferred to another company. The accommodation provided was bigger and had its own washing machine. That was a huge relief for me because I didn't have to go out and spend money for washing.

Fastforward to 2013. I came back to Japan with T and Amber. Our accommodation became larger than the previous and has a washing machine. In spite of that, we use the nearby laundromat for larger laundry, like bedsheets. Having an infant at that time, the need to constantly keep everything clean was a must which is a habit I have become accustomed up to now. (Admittedly, I was a little slob during my pre-Amber days).

Being a frequent user of the nearby laundromat, a friend asked me to give instructions on how to use the laundromat. I sent him an email complete with photos for visual assistance.

Laundromats in Japan are all DIY unlike in the Philippines were we just drop our dirty laundry at the service shop and pick it at the given schedule. 
1.) This is the card purchase/loading machine. Default language display is Japanese, so please press on English (located at the bottom right of the screen. Inset photo is the English display.)

Select new card purchase (if you don't have one). Any amount will do but if it's your first card, load a minimum of 800yen. If you have an existing card, select credit top up to load money to your card.
2.) This is the washer.  For this capacity, washing cost 800yen. Instructions in Japanese are pasted leftmost part of the washer. 
3.) as per instructions at the leftmost part, press 1 to let the machine wash its interiors before your actual washing. After the interiors are washed. Put your laundry inside.
5.) also as you turn the dial, above photo displays 'drum wash'. For heavy load and thick textiles.
6,) another option as you turn the dial, the screen displays 'hidoiyogori' (terrible dirt). This i normally select for bedsheets.
7.) after you have selected the option of washing, enter your card at the slot just below the red button. Press green button to start. Red button is for pause but rarely used.

Washing takes around 30 mins. the dryer is easy to use. Just enter your card and press the green button (dryer takes 12mins).

Enjoy washing!! 

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