Sunday, October 04, 2015

This has what became of my dining table

Well, even when T and Amber were here, the dining table has served as a catch-all of our things. 

It is getting worse everyday as I have decided to completely dedicate much of my time in this very spot at home. At night, after work, I eat dinner here while surfing the net or catch up with my series marathons. Mails, whatnots, expired snacks and my CD player are all in here and within my reach. Even while half watching random TV, I still prefer to sit here instead on the couch because my attention span at TV programs (unless it's a favorite) is short and I'd rather check on Pinterest boards to amuse me. 

Oh well, living alone means no rules. I'll declutter if the case need be. 

P.S. This shall not be tolerated at the permanent home address. 

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