Sunday, September 27, 2015

House Project files (pt.4)

While in Cebu for a week, this is the progress at Week 16. Expected completion of work will be in Week 20. That's a month from now.

The doors have been installed and they are all white. The ceiling was our architect's idea, which we did not oppose because who wouldn't fall in love with a dramatic ceiling?! At first, I was contented with a plain ceiling and make up for a dramatic lighting fixture but, but too much drama in a ceiling is better. This is just one of the many exceptions on 'keep it simple' mantra.

The stairs are almost complete. The railings come with a wooden handle which are yet to be installed. The area beneath the stairs will be a small study/office. That pole supports the upper floors as it was judged before the renovation that the upper flooring was weak. Beams were installed and now covered by the dramatic ceiling. I was annoyed by the pole's presence at first in spite of its technical benefits that I wanted badly to come up with something to make it not too visible; thus, the study/office area came to mind.

The stairs from the second floor landing

The second floor. We have a small space at the second floor that will serve as a common area. There, the high shelf filled with books will come to dwell. The right door leads to Amber's room (walls to be colored with yellow, her preference. I asked her many times, and she responded 'yellow'. Hope she doesn't change her mind once painting is done). The left is  a narrow hallway that leads to the wash room and the Master's bedroom.

The kitchen is not yet close to functional, hehe.

Still at the kitchen. White door had been installed. The old window has been knocked down to accommodate a half (horizontal) of its current size. 

The facade from the Master's bedroom terrace. These are tiles with brick designs. From afar, they don't appear to look like tiles but upon closer inspection, those are tiles but not the ordinary flat types. It took a while to decide the right design. 

Mind you, the whole tile searching is fun and exhausting at the same time. Sometimes, the cause of disagreements. And don't get me started with cabinet colors and texture for the kitchen! It's fun but a lot of decisions have to be made at such a short notice, and they have to be final.

Almost there. House and everything about it is fun and I can now relate how peers and my own parents felt when they were planning for small renovations. 

I was worried with the size not leaving any piece of earth and yes, our small lot is fully occupied by the house itself; so we made sure to save some small space for a garden.

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