Saturday, October 10, 2015

House Project files (pt.5)

The kitchen window as viewed from the garage. Now almost half the size of its original. I was worried about the kitchen getting too dark inside because a small window does not get a lot of light but i was informed that the indoor lights will make up for it.

The kitchen at its raw form. This needs a lot of work. The counter will extend to the right, cabinets will fill overhead, and just a shelf over the window. Color palette: Wooden cabinets, white shelf over the window, not-so-perfect white granite countertop. 

The backsplash will be tiles with hexagon low-relief design (refer to the middle tile) instead of glass mosaic tiles. As much as I really lusted for the latter, T convinced me that they are just too expensive and installation will take long.

Kitchen ceiling. Our contractor's aesthetic is modern and he's quite a fan of cove lighting (as seen on my previous post). I didn't expect he'll be putting a lot at our ceiling, but he really did. T and I welcomed the idea anyway. Before, my expectations for the ceiling were plain, white and flat with pin lights at every corner but so far, the current design looks promising. Here's hoping our electric bills don't get too crazy.

I love kitchen and with all the expense of putting up, I told T that we better cook often.

LEFT: The master's bathroom is gray and white. The small wall recess that will store bath essentials was an idea I got from Pinterest.

RIGHT: The common bathroom at the first floor is gray with awesome tile accent. I told T that the tiles installed at the first floor bathroom are prettier than the master's.

LEFT: The small hallway at the second floor that leads to the master's bedroom. Pin lights have been installed.
RIGHT: The design of floor tiles at the master's and Amber's rooms is shades of gray. I love gray! They go well with other colors.

Under the stairs will be a study/office. I jokingly told T that it will look like a reception area. The stairs will be covered with wood finish.

Lastly, the ceiling above the stairs needs some lighting. We plan to buy three pendant lights of this design after having been awed by it while inside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf located at Lightsite Parc in Mandaue. By far, the best interior I've seen in a coffee shop. The toilet's interior is worth checking, too. We didn't know the supplier but found it just recently while browsing for 'lighting fixtures store in Cebu'. Azcor sells them.


Angela Brooks said...

oh your house is near a cell site tower that's not good it causes cancer

amor said...

The last picture with a view of a tower was taken inside a coffeeshop, not inside my house.