Monday, October 12, 2015

Akihabara #TokyoDiaries

I have not set foot in Akihabara since 2013 (the year I came back). Akihabara is a district in Tokyo, famous for their duty-free electronic shops. As a foreign resident, I don't get to avail of the duty-free privilege as this only applies to tourists or short-term visitors (with 3 months or less visa term).
This is how it looks at present. Since my first visit in 2004, this is the same path I take where Laox and Onoden come to view. Before, it looks like 80's Tokyo, the buildings were a little bit old and constructions were ongoing but now, it's getting cleanier and the constructions turn out to be department stores (Akiba and Atre).
It still is a haven for tourist, mostly Chinese nowadays.

The main reason why I went there yesterday was to check on GoPro. It's too expensive and I surmise, it will share the same fate of my other cameras because of smartphones' convenience and awesomeness in one feature. But but, I like the effect of GoPro. The world is round effect is tempting me to buy one. I am still on the fence on this one hoping I'll forget about it.
Looking back..
This was in 2006 (I cannot find any photo dated 2004). This was a random day after buying my current laptop in this same place. Yes, I have been using my HP Compaq nx4820 laptop for almost ten years now. A little slow now as it is no longer compatible with latest softwares (still Windows XP!). But that deserves a separate post.

In 2004 to 2007, my friends and I frequent Akihabara especially during paydays to buy the latest gadgets. Even if only one friend buys, others would just tag along to browse and compare prices. From Akihabara, we would go somewhere for sightseeing or (most often the case) from somewhere, we end up at Akihabara as our final destination before heading home. The place was our instant beneficiary, not fashion nor fancy food. Looking back, it still amuses me our love for gadgets. I think it has to do with the vast advance technology that Japan has offered (and still offers) that got our young minds amazed. In my case, I went through four changes of cameras (finally settling with built-in camera of iPhone), two laptops, drawing tablet, several USBs, portable HDs and blank CDs.

I gradually stopped being a gadget freak in 2008. It happened unintentionally because I transferred to another company so I parted with friends (we're still friends though leading different lives), got married and older. In short, I grew out of it.

So when I went there yesterday, the feeling is different. It's the same place with colorful marquees, tacky billboard and flood of tourists but that feeling of excitement was not present. It must be age and priorities.

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M said...

Oh wow, I'd love to there soon, I know that is the anime capital of Japan right? I so want to go there na as I a love anime haha

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