Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hitachi Seaside Park

After having seen photos of Kochias from friends posted on their FB accounts, I decided to see them for myself yesterday. The journey took almost three (3) hours which I have known prior to taking the challenge because I did some research. That's why I started it early (at 6:00am, I was wide awake on a Saturday). The odds were at my favor for the trains were not crowded, weather was ideal (typical early autumn breeze) and no delays whatsoever.

The early rise and long journey paid off when this sight of a hilltop covered in red greeted me.
By the way, Hitachi Seaside Park is huge. It is located in Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture. By far, best nature park I've seen and been in Japan to date. Clean, not smelly, and looks well maintained.

Bassia Scoparia or Kochia Scoparia, according to Wikipedia, is a herb. Details here
Kochia is actually green in color. Eventually, their color turns red as Autumn approaches, then wither after. According to this park's website, Kochias are popular in the month of October, the time when all are fiery red. From afar, they look like large Rambutans.
What amazes me about them is the color red and their fluffy facade but in closer inspection, they could pass for just ordinary weeds that sprout from nowhere.
This man made lake situates at the center of the park. No boats or anything afloat is present (or maybe not design for such). When I saw this from this exact view, it allowed me (again) to appreciate nature and be grateful. The point is, one must get out, see and feel nature because it allows you to take a break from everything. Sleep works, too. 
Since Autumn has set in and there's a total of four days at my disposal next week (yay! for long weekend), I plan to take another nature trip. Maybe just somewhere in Tokyo. 

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